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Pygmies Land is a collection of 1000 randomly generated unique pygmies PFP NFTs for P2E game governed by $BRUSH token. NFTs also can earn $BRUSH tokens for passive income.

How NFTs Created?

Each Pygmy NFT consists of 1000x1000 pixel images randomly selected from 250 different traits. It is produced from billions of combinations. Some features that are only used once or twice to create finely tuned rarity rates.
Two Pygmy NFT races from four races have been created for this season. Pygmatarr and Pyglannte. Each have own power on the Throne Wars game.

After the inhabitants of PygmiesLand lived in peace and serenity for a long time, the game of thrones began with the death of the king. Almost everyone is trying to strengthen their power in the war by gathering supporters to seize the throne.

After the inhabitants of PygmiesLand lived in peace and tranquility for a long time, the game of thrones began with the death of the king. Almost everyone is trying to strengthen their power in the war by gathering supporters to seize the throne.

There are four races in the game and each race has different powers.

You only need the $BRUSH coin to start the game. In the game you have to build soldiers, weapons and necessary buildings using $BRUSH.

When NFT is added to the game, different powers of each NFT are added to the player. To play the game, you can add your NFTs to the game and increase your power. As long as NFT is in the game, the $BRUSH token will be automatically credited to the game account every day at 12:00 UTC.

When enemy units are defeated in the game, a portion of the $BRUSH value of the destroyed units of the enemy and the $BRUSH value in their wallet is transferred to the winner's account.



$BRUSH is an ecosystem. This means that NFT projects can be included in the ecosystem when they meet certain conditions. However, this means NFT holders will enjoy many benefits as long as they have it.
Our NFT holders are receiving 3-15 tokens daily. With this token, besides playing Throne Wars game, you can trade NFTs, mint NFTs, and swap for $SOL at market value.
There is not NFT staking. It is enough that you store them on your wallet and get your daily $BRUSH. If someone get $BRUSH and then list on market and sell, new owner could not be able to get $BRUSH for same day. Anyone can check and control that which NFTs received the $BRUSH daily from the site, then get it. It should be noted that if you have more than one NFT in your wallet, you will be able to receive $BRUSHes of all of them at the same time.


Design & Create

Design, create and select 1000 NFTs from billions of combination. Randomly generated 1000 unique NFTs.


Marketing Campaign to help the community grow and advertising. Join Discord Server and follow our twitter account.

Launching on the Solana Blockchain

Launching on the Solana Blockchain. Listed on every major marketplaces after sold-out.

$BRUSH Token

After we sell-out, we will focus on the community. Half of income will be allocated to the community wallet. 75% of all secondary market sales royalties will go directly to the $BRUSH token wallet. Cliam $BRUSH


Launch Throne Wars MMORPG P2E web based game PygmiesLand NFT holders, earning $BRUSH token.

Season 2

Roadmap 2.0 for next stage.


First part mint is on April 21, 2022 - 12:00 UTC

Second part mint is on April 28, 2022 - 20:00 UTC

Third part mint is on May 5, 2022 - 13:00 UTC

Fourth part mint is on May 12, 2022 - 12:00 UTC

Fifth part mint is on June 7, 2022 - 14:00 UTC

Last part mint is on June 14, 2022 - 14:00 UTC

Mint app:

Mint price is 1 $SOL + gas fee approx. 0.012 $SOL. Total approx. 1.012 $SOL for 900 NFTs

Mint price is 1000 $BRUSH+ gas fee for 200 NFTs.

Phantom (recommend), Slope, Solflare, Sollet.

Install Phantom wallet. Fund your account with SOL from FTX, BINANCE or your preferred exchange market at least 1.012 $SOL for each PygmiesLand NFts. Connect wallet to our site minting page and then select "Mint".

Mint app:

Send 1001 $BRUSHes to BrushToken Club before mint for each NFTs, then click on mint button when mint goes live. 1 $BRUSH is for gas fee.

Yes. 5%. Most of these royalties will go to $BRUSH token DEX wallet.

No. It will be possible to mint several PygmiesLand NFT on a single wallet.

Mint app:

1000 pieces of PygmiesLand NFTs are created. Two races, Pygmatarr and Pyglannte

Mint app:

Our deal multiplier is 3. You will get 3 to 15 daily $BRUSH token, depends on your NFT rarity. Check rarity


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